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Vegan Options

We prepare our most popular pizzas and meals in vegan option...

...meats and cheese are substituted with smoked tofu or seitan or spicy-smoked 'sausage' or pea'meat' and/or with vegan 'mozzarella'.

Gluten free offer

Looking for Don Pepe pizzas in glutenfree options?

...check out our pizzas topped on glutenfree crusts! These pizzas are created by using pre-made 28 cm glutenfree pizza crusts, however we can not guarantee 100% glutenfree pizzas, because our kitchens are not glutenfree. Since the final pizza products of these glutenfree crust pizzas may get cross-contaminated with traces of gluten, therefore these pizzas can not be considered glutenfree. WARNING: THESE PIZZAS ARE STRICTLY NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CONSUMERS, LIVING WITH CELIAC DISEASE, DHD, GLUTEN ATAXIA AND WHEAT ALLERGY!

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