Why don't I get an order confirmation e-mail?
If the e-mail address you gave when giving your delivery address details is incorrect, or there is a temporary problem with your mailbox, or you are checking another mailbox of yours then it may happen that you don't get the confirmation of your order. Make sure you give your e-mail address precisely, and there should always be free space in your mailbox, in other words it shouldn't be full. Unfortunately, delivery of confirmations to web-based mailboxes may take from a couple of seconds to even hours depending on the traffic at the service provider.

Why do I have more than one delivery address?
As regards the food, after you have selected what you want to eat you can add remarks like: "extra cheese", "sliced", "without peppers ", etc. After you can select the delivery address where you can also add remarks, and these can be ones you have saved in the past. Write here information in connection with the delivery, like, for example: "Name on doorbell: XY", "Push your horn!", "To the left in the corridor", etc.

How do I know that my online order is accepted by the system?
If your order has successfully arrived the system will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail. This will include your own details, the items you have ordered, and an order number which you can refer to when calling the restaurant if you have question or problem in connection with your order.

Can I pay online when I order home deliveries?
Of course you can, we accept bankcard or SZÉP card also.

I can't find my address among the selectable streets. What shall I do?
In such case inform us about the problem with the address, and we will include the missing street in the address list as soon as possible, as long as it is a location where we make deliveries.

I can't place an order the system writes that I don't have an address to which they can deliver at the present. What shall I do?
The problem may be that you are trying to place an order too early, and that's why it isn't accepted. Click here to find out when you can place orders at the individual restaurants: https://www.donpepe.hu/index.php?do=ettermeink

Can I ask for a VAT invoice for my order afterwards?
No. Please ask for VAT invoice while placing your order, because we are unable to issue VAT invoices afterwards.